About Me


My name is Max Perry and I’m a second year teacher at Siuslaw High School.


This year I’ll be teaching Creative Writing, English III, and Future Success.

My classroom is located above the fiction section in the library in the same room where my cell phone once went off in my backpack while I was out of the room giving everyone a surprise listen to my ringtone. I came back to class and was horrified to hear people begin to hum my unique ringtone back at me. My phone is now perpetually on silent. It was also in this classroom that I discovered my love for reading and writing, which makes it incredibly exciting to be calling this place my classroom.

I was born and raised in Florence, Oregon and graduated from Siuslaw in 2007. I then attended Lane Community College and then graduated from Southern Oregon University. My wife and I returned to Florence after working as a coach and substitute teacher in Pilot Station, Alaska during the 2013-14 school year. I have been working and student teaching at Siuslaw for the past two years. In the Spring I finished my Master’s in Teaching from Western Oregon University and was hired to be a full fledged teacher at SHS. I look forward to bringing all of this full circle by helping future students develop a strong connection with reading and writing while also getting to embarrass someone who forgets to put their phone on silent during class.

When I’m not teaching I love to spend my time outdoors with my wife, our dog Beau, my family, and friends. I’m a fanatical fisherman, bumbling bowhunter, rumbling runner, heroic hiker, casual camper, daring dog walker, precarious paddle boarder, mishap marred mountain biker, and an avid advocate of alliteration.

Please excuse my cringe inducing last paragraph and enjoy this photo of my dog.



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